Asset Management

Our fee-based fiduciary advisors will align your portfolio to your life goals. Your EverOak investment portfolio is planted in the soil of seasoned research and a pledge to provide timely strategic updates and tactical management seeking opportunity for you in any market scenario.

Managing Behavior

Outside of a customized investment strategy, we help you maintain a steadfast mindset and coach you through emotional hurdles and economic downturns you’ll inevitably encounter. Managing your finances while navigating life’s twists and turns can be stressful. Fear and anxiety don’t have to squat rent-free in your mind and emotions. You have an EverOak advisor and team committed to your long-term financial plan, committed to communication, and committed to adding perspective for your financial wellbeing.

We apply our understanding of the financial markets with our tenured experience in building financial strategies to guide clients through dark market bottoms and slippery slope peaks. Ultimately, our role in this regard is impossible to quantify, but from experience, it probably serves up the most significant long-term impact on a client’s eventual probability of success.

Disciplined Methodologies

We won’t over-complicate the investment process or use trendy investing strategies like timing the market. As the client, you should always understand how your money is being invested.

Diversification & Asset Allocation

We use a broad range of asset classes to ensure your portfolio is properly diversified while being as efficient as possible from a tax and risk standpoint. Designing the allocation to meet specific cash flow requirements can be a key part of this process.

Asset allocation (not market timing) accounts for the majority of one’s investment return over the long term. History has also shown that every individual investment asset class, style, and sector moves in its own cyclical fashion. Thus, none of them has a monopoly on outperformance or growth over the long run. We strive to construct portfolios with wide-reaching diversification so that clients do not take unnecessary risks in an effort to earn a target return. Our objective is to match your “investor profile,” if you will, which includes your emotional tendencies, appetite/need for volatility/return, and cash flow requirements, with a quality portfolio built to attain your specific desired objective.

Neither asset allocation nor diversification guarantee against loss. They are methods used to manage risk.

Tactical Tax Management

Proactive tax management creates substantial value that is not reflected in a portfolio’s “return.” Customized portfolios built for tax efficiency, opportunistic tax-loss harvesting, capital gain distribution avoidance, highly appreciated asset management, RMD management, tactical distribution strategies, efficient charitable gifting...our goal is to minimize your tax bill and maximize the impact potential of your wealth.

Risk Management

Risk management is paramount to eventually seeing your aspirations and objectives become a reality. Risk is ever-present in our lives, a certainty of uncertainty. While eliminating it is impossible, minimizing it and accepting a manageable level is necessary. Managing risk effectively occurs on many levels, one being financial plan analysis which exposes the need (or not) for coverages like life, long term care, or disability insurance…

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds…”

Peter Marshall